Clearspark is a young and energetic company based in Cape Town, South Africa. We specialise in supporting businesses and researchers in the secure and confidential collection, management and analysis of data. We provide tailor-made, optimised solutions for handling complex real-life data and work flows. Our vision is to provide clients with simplified and meaningful ways to transform information into knowledge using a combination of customized web applications and advanced statistical techniques.

We pride ourselves on innovative solutions that solve problems, save money and create opportunities. We use a combination of open-source and in-house software, allowing us to deliver high quality services and products at competitive rates.

Our Services

Software Development

We design and develop custom systems, to suit your needs. We use open standards, and open source software allowing us to integrate into your existing systems, and leaving you in control.

Data Management

We provide technical solutions to assist you collecting, organising, distributing, and analysing your data, making it easy for you understand, manage, and control access. Keep your data confidential, and conform to ethical and legal requirements, simply.

Transcription and Translation

We offer transcription services in English, and translation from Afrikaans, Sesotho, or Xhosa into English.


We draw on our diverse backgrounds in software development, physics, bioinformatics, and systems biology to analyse your problems and give you information that is accurate, and advice that is helpful.

The Team

Our team is our company. We strive to employ and retain talented individuals and give them an environment within which they can shine. If you have the appropriate skills, have a look at our job vacancies if you would like to join our team.

Matthys Kroon (Protrait)

Matthys Kroon

Managing Director, Software Developer

James Dominy (Portrait)

James Dominy

Head of Software Development

Thabisa Maphiri (Portrait)

Thabisa Maphiri

Head of Translation and Transcription

David Matten (Portrait)

David Matten

Director, Software Developer

Matthys combines an analytical approach and a creative passion. Excelling at mathematics and other logic-focused subjects, he obtained a BSc in Physics, followed by postgraduate studies in bioinformatics (MSc). During his bioinformatics studies, Matthys developed a knack for software development and has dedicated a lot of energy to mastering the art. Today, Matthys is an accomplished software engineer that has been involved in numerous projects and all aspects of the software development life cycle. Matthys has big plans for ClearSpark and intends to expand it far beyond its current size.

At heart, James is a problem solver, not just when it comes to software development (with which he has extensive experience in a wide variety of technologies and languages). His analytical thinking skills allow him to rapidly develop a keen insight into complex systems and identify potential flaws or areas of optimization. This makes him an excellent systems designer/architect. Teaching, lecturing, and educational writing experience have honed his spoken and written communication skills. Forthright, but polite, he remains easy-going with an approachable manner that makes skills and knowledge transfer painless. His ‘get it done’ attitude is an asset when trying to overcome or side-step an obstacle.

Thabisa brings her perfectionist nature and her experience and knowledge in six of the nine South African languages. Her excellent track record as a Research Assistant; and HIV counselor on a variety of health-related projects, at Stellenbosch University, has given her great insight on numerous health related issues. Spotting a need, she decided to put her language skills to use by offering an excellent, prompt and reliable transcription and translation service. Starting small she already has a number of satisfied clients and is hoping to expand the transcription department soon. In addition to her work with ClearSpark, she is currently studying towards a degree in Public Administration on a part-time basis to add on her knowledge and management skills.

David (Dave) is an energetic go-getter who loves to tackle tough challenges, and deliver results. A keen analytical mind combined with attention to detail equip him well to understand and overcome challenges large and small. His ability to quickly integrate himself into a team, bringing out the best in others and himself, is a key strength. A background in computer science, bioinformatics and exposure to epidemiology unlocks an insight into biological systems, from a fundamental level up to high levels of complexity. With a passion for optimisation and finding not only the right key, but also the right lock, Dave is a big help in decision making.